Last time when I was in Berlin, I went to drool on the Lena Hoschek dresses in her shop. Near by is Made in Berlin, a very well curated and massive vintage shop. Nicola of wardrobe exchange got a few pieces of her lovely collection there – we actually seem to have the same taste, but my wardrobe is bursting, so I am currently not allowed to buy any new stuff. This dress was the last one, I promise.. Anyway, when browsing the racks my eyes caught this fantastic pattern, and the dress almost fit me, so I had to take it with me.

pink_stripedthis was the first time I actually got to wear it, I had it taken in but may lower the hem for a few centimetres still. It is just a bit too short for my petticoat, so I wore it here without one. This day was fabulous, we went bike riding around town and had cake and coffee. pink_striped#2and it was actually still warm enough to go without sleeves and admire the dying roses in the garden…pink_striped_flower

dress: Mad ein Berlin, Shoes: bought at Alpina


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A quick Hello from among the books! I started a new job and have to study for an exam at the end of the month, which got me utterly unsocial and takes up most of my time these days. learning_13_11I’ll have to write the exam by hand, thus the antique way of writing things down on paper to practice my handwriting and train my hand. When have you written full pages by hand last time…?

no outfit posts, as I am lounging in my pjs… 😉

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The late summer weather was perfect for a stroll through the Botanical Garden in Zagreb. I have mentioned it before here, and then somehow forgot to share the photos. vrt#1 Unfortunately, I was not the only one and shied away from taking too many pictures with my self timer.
My outfit was very ordinary, however, as I had class before and left home early in the morning when it was still cooler, thus the winter boots. vrt_#2 skirt: thrifted at Humana in Berlin, fake but practical leather jacket: Promod, boots: Tragfläche Berlin.

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Back at the hat maker’s house, I found more old photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information where or when they were taken, but the style is wonderful. the jeffery_hatlady

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The other day after school I passed by the Botanical Garden in Zagreb. I tried to visit it before, as it is close to the railway station and a stroll before a long train ride can only do good – but somehow it was always winter or bad weather or whatever else and the garden closed. That day, I was a little surprised to actually find it open. The park is not big, but in the late summer sunshine the last flowers glowed and the sun illuminated the yellow and orange trees.botanicki vrt1 THis flower still in bloom however reminded me of the color combination of one of my favourite pieces of the new collection of NY-based designer Sandra Murphy:
stripy_sandra murphys
I wrote about stripes before and this one fits right in. Plus the colours are wonderful for late autumn walks in the city or even better, in the park where they mimic the colours of the trees in the sun. I guess if I’ll ever get back to my sewing machine, I need to get my hand on some striped fabric.
stripy_sandra murphys#2 copy Or it is perfect to light up the dark and damp side of coming winter.
Here are some more pictures from the collection to be found on Sandra Murphy Recollection h-pg-gallery-2 copy

h-pg-gallery-1 copy
photos courtesy of Sandra Murphy

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Over at Folks and Fables, gorgeous Tawni put together a collection of the creepiest old dolls from etsy. Some are really old and their doll skin is broken. Immediately I had to think about entering an old abandoned house and finding these dolls there staring at trespassers… And then remembered that I went to an abandoned hotel a while a go near Rijeka.
Hotel_Praha#1 The first time I saw the Hotel Praha the doors were still locked, but this time the front door was open and in I went.
Hotel_Praha#3 The sunset in front was beautiful, but I got lured inside.
Hotel_Praha#3a The building was empty, but in a decent state with only some graffittis on the walls.
Hotel_Praha#5 It had been abandoned for quite a while now, but I could not find much more about the history.

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With the sun here giving us a warm late summer – I sat in a T-shirt in the sun today! -, I am craving for stripy things. Of course, all my treasures are packed away in storage and I only have my limited travel wardrobe (i.e. bag) to choose from, and that was packed for cold rainy autumn weather.

But my hard drive still holds some inspiration… 50s_stripes1_500_vintagevogue 54_seventeen_graphic_dresses 56_bobby brooks_sundresses 58_bequemes Klaid
most pictures from my vintage vogue

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Ilica#6 Ilica is one of the main streets in Zagrebs city centre. But it is quite long actually and son the fancy and international chain stores give way to crumbling facades and turn-of-the-century houses. Ilica#5Ilica#10 The houses are grey from the traffic fumes and could need some brushing up, but that is also the charm of this potentially bohemian part of town. But shabby chic is here more shabby than chic, there are no hip cafés or designer shops, but small supermarkets, hardware stores and some second-hand shops.Ilica#8Ilica#10Ilica#11 There is not much on offer, second-hand shops in Croatia hardly hold treasures: they mainly buy second-rate ware from western Europe, which you can see from the poor quality and big sizes. By now, my eyes are so well trained that it takes me only a few glances to spot patterns or cuts that make a garment worth trying it on. Ilica#2shopIlica#7shop Nevertheless, I managed to find a few decent pieces. And the whole atmosphere of by gone grandeur makes the perfect backdrop for roaming around…Ilica#4Ilica#12

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We packed up all our things in our beautiful home in Rijeka and left. I went to Zagreb to do another month of intensive language course, which keeps me quite busy with loads of homework. While we left Rijeka in a comfortable 25°C sunshine, in Zagreb it was the first winter weekend with 10°C fog and cold.
Despite the weather, that has been considerably better lately, I love the city. It is much more lively than Rijeka, and although it misses the sea view, there is much more going on! And, there is swing dancing here, so I finally got to practice a bit. A rather new development are the numerous second-hand shops that keep popping up. They mainly sell really crappy old stuff in large sizes, but the true thrifter can find some treasures. Some of my favourite skirts are from Zagreb, for very little money.
Luckily, there a few second-hand shops along the street that connects my neighbourhood to the centre, so they are ideally located for a quick browse… The first day I found this gorgeous green pencil skirt.ZG_green pencil skirt it sits perfectly and the colour is a unique addition to my wardrobe. Somehow I have a soft spot for black skirts, and now making a conscious effort to counterbalance that. ZG_green pencil skirt2 I hope the weather stays nice enough so I can wear a few times before it’s time for the all-covering winter coat.
I did some more thrifting in Zagreb, but soon more about that!

Top: H&M, skirt: thrifted in Zagreb, belt: from my grandma, tights: H&M, heels: Alpina

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why vintage? or “7 Ways Your Grandmother Dressed Better Than You”

Confession: I do get jealous when looking at pictures of people wearing what we now consider vintage. The clothes just looked better, because they were!

The article “7 Ways Your Grandmother Dressed Better Than You” in the Huffington Post lists the most important differences why vintage was (and still is), actually, better:

1. You dressed to impress at every occasion.

Oh yes, going to the supermarket and having a milkshake on the way counts as occasion!

50s_skirts and blouse_milkshakebar

2. Clothes were made better.

needs a comment? I guess not.

3. Fabrics were, generally, of a much-better quality.

My cheap T-shirts and longsleeves are old when they last more than two seasons. My vintage dresses however have seen more then 60 decades pass by.

4. They wore the right underwear.

Oh yes, it looked better, but was very uncomfortable…

5. Details mattered.

6. Fit was paramount.

That’s why I get so frustrated in shops these days: nothing fits me! No pullover, no shirt, no skirt. Vintage fits better and can actually be altered.

7. Clothing cost more.

Yes, less is more. Note to self: remember that before moving next time!

Make sure to read the whole article here. Comes with a nice slide show at the end!

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