In Zagreb’s city centre is a somewhat hidden passage, built in the most beautiful style. It is not actually hidden, as it connects the main square with the flower square, two of the most busiest hotspots in town. But it is rarely frequented and although it houses only shops, it is never crowded. passage#1
For me it is one of those magical places in Zagreb, and maybe it is precisely the lack of people that gives it this somewhat tragical atmosphere… passage#4 It has been renovated, but the glass roof is not taken care of, so can see the shadows of leaves through it. passage#2 passage#5
T-shirt: H&M (I love the blue), skirt: thrifted in Zagreb for 1,30€, leather bag: thrifted in Vienna, shoes and tights: H&M


About j e f

Aloha! I am j e f and I am currently living between Berlin and Croatia, with some detours in between.
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