Last time when I was in Berlin, I went to drool on the Lena Hoschek dresses in her shop. Near by is Made in Berlin, a very well curated and massive vintage shop. Nicola of wardrobe exchange got a few pieces of her lovely collection there – we actually seem to have the same taste, but my wardrobe is bursting, so I am currently not allowed to buy any new stuff. This dress was the last one, I promise.. Anyway, when browsing the racks my eyes caught this fantastic pattern, and the dress almost fit me, so I had to take it with me.

pink_stripedthis was the first time I actually got to wear it, I had it taken in but may lower the hem for a few centimetres still. It is just a bit too short for my petticoat, so I wore it here without one. This day was fabulous, we went bike riding around town and had cake and coffee. pink_striped#2and it was actually still warm enough to go without sleeves and admire the dying roses in the garden…pink_striped_flower

dress: Mad ein Berlin, Shoes: bought at Alpina



About j e f

Aloha! I am j e f and I am currently living between Berlin and Croatia, with some detours in between.
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