Mystic Motovun

How ever the weather is, Motovun in central Istria never fails to work its magic. Perched on a hilltop, it offers stunning views and somehow the weather is always special. The food is amazing, with truffles being typical for the region.
SAM_4222 I wore my super practical turquoise, green and purple dress, which is polyester yet super comfy. I does not wrinkle, is easy washable, does not need to be ironed and perfectly underlines my figure. And, it does not make me sweat, which makes it perfect for dancing and climbing up the hill from the parking lot below to the centre. (Dress: Humana Vienna)SAM_4130 we had a fabulous lunch at the side of the city walls with this view. SAM_4125 SAM_4116 the walk up took us through the picturesque medieval town…SAM_4171SAM_4169SAM_4175SAM_4181 the golden sun of the end of a perfect day and driving home into mountains of clouds…SAM_4182


About j e f

Aloha! I am j e f and I am currently living between Berlin and Croatia, with some detours in between.
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