In an older world: Rijeka

There is not a big vintage scene in Rijeka, there are a few Rockabillies but I woudl not call it a scene. However, there is a small organization, that hosts a so-called “vintage fair” every sunday. The place is a bit far away, btu when they announced a Rockabilly Band from Zagreb would play, we headed out there.SAM_3570 It was a beautiful warm day, but the band cancelled, so we only had a look at the stuff they had…SAM_3575 SAM_3573 SAM_3571 SAM_3572 SAM_3577 SAM_3578 SAM_3579 SAM_3580 SAM_3582 SAM_3583 SAM_3576


About j e f

Aloha! I am j e f and I am currently living between Berlin and Croatia, with some detours in between.
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