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Just like vintage is the new black, Leipzig is hailed the new Berlin: cheap rents, Altbausubstanz, lots of artists. An great photo opportunities… 😉Leipzigday2#1






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I am a gatherer of sorts, much to the amusement of my mum, she could just pass down all her nic nacs to me, not having to throw them away.
I have a hard time letting things go, and when my grandparents died all in the same year, I tried to salvage as much as I could. My apartment is full of furniture from my grandparents and I love living with them. But I also took loads of clothes that I intended to sell in Berlin, but of course never did. Most of it is too big for me and my aspirations as a seamstress to alter all those skirts and blouses were soon undermined by a lack of time and skill. Unlike others, I don’t have the time to set up a decent online shop, as I am about to move, and this time it’s a big one.
Facing a lack of space, I got myself to let go. After one last attempt (and a few unsuccessful ads in ebay and etsy) to sell some of it, I packed five big bags and carried them to local thrift store Humana. No tears, a quick goodbye, and they were off to a new life. wardrbe_sale_ex Just like me.
theJeffery_bike humana

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jef_berlin lately#1
Wow, things have been crazy these last days, weeks actually. Now the temperatures dropped to a chilly minus 10°C and things cooled down a little. I finally found a way to make bread how I used to – my latest attempts were not that successful.
jef_berlin lately#2 winter is not very convenient for outfit photos, as I am wearing the same old things under the coat anyway. Nothing special, hardly anything vintage but comfy to cover up ski underwear. But you can see how the weather looks like here.
Opposite my favourite cafe, I found this note on a bike that has been parked there for a while now.
jef_berlin lately#3 How lovely, that’s why I love Berlin. Despite the big city anonymity, sometimes people care for old blue bikes.
And then I played around with the camera on the couch. jef_berlin_self portrait copy

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– 2014 –

And the new year is already 5 days old. How time flies…
My life has happened quite far away from the Jeffery in the last months and my looks were the least I cared about – sometimes there are more important things in life. Like getting to work by bike in time- I started a new temporary fulltime job and am riding my bike to work every day, which calls for more sporty, less delicate garments and bans polyester all together. And although Berlins winter has been rather mild so far, the weather demands a coat which leads to the silhouette problem I will delve into some other time. .
As the Jeffery is still fresh, I will spare you the resume of the past year. But 2014 looks promising and I am already excited about all the things bound to happen. For the sake of suspense, only so much: there will be a move across the pond – check back to find out more!

With all the New Years’ hangover aside, my loved one and I spent some wonderful days in Berlin.
theJeffery_Spree and whereas some hardcore vintage queens still wear pumps and see through tights (like her), I long ago dug out my ski undies and winter boots. But the accesoir I like the most this year is my grandmas old fur hat. It smeels like moth balls, but the Russian look fits very well to Berlin:theJeffery_russian Here paired with a wide swingy cream yellow skirt from Humana and my trusted faux leather jacket.
keep warm and dry!
* j e f

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I am back in Berlin and it got quite cold over here, as it should be in December. Unfortunately, it is not cold enough for snow, but icy rain showers make for wonderfully cozy weekends indoors… I had something to celebrate, and enjoyed finally some time at home…b_day#1…working on some long due sewing projects….b_day#3… sported a Russian style with my grandmother’s fur hat to go out….russian_look… for coffee and newspaper (and finally discovered a place to take outfit pictures!) b_day#2

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I briefly stopped over at my parents the other day and went for a walk in the woods with my Mum and our dog. Amazing colours out there…
woods#1 woods#2 woods#3 woods#4 woods#5

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Just like Ally of the Vintage Valley, I have a passion for Swing dancing. I love the music and I met so many truly wonderful people all over the world that I would have never met if it wasn’t for Swing. 50s_r'n'r_feet

These pictures are not of swing dancers, but I woke up with a  song in my head and have been dancing around the apartment all morning, so I felt like sharing some of my 1950s dancing pictures.  gorgeous frocks, don’t you think?56_dance_party50s_ballroom dancing59_couples dancing outside in california  50s_couples dancing in the street_Paris

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One of my favourite coffee places in Zagreb is Divas. It is in the same street where a fake Made in Berlin store is, between our place and the centre. I met there with a friend and was instantly hooked by their sugar sachets!djivas#0 Chuck-Norris-jokes are my favourite! So they have a great sense of humour. Just sitting outside I looked around and found a few pretty nice shops in view…


a flower shop


old ware store


a shoe maker

They also have superb sandwiches, cakes and a nicely decorated interior too. Check it out if you are near!

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In Zagreb’s city centre is a somewhat hidden passage, built in the most beautiful style. It is not actually hidden, as it connects the main square with the flower square, two of the most busiest hotspots in town. But it is rarely frequented and although it houses only shops, it is never crowded. passage#1
For me it is one of those magical places in Zagreb, and maybe it is precisely the lack of people that gives it this somewhat tragical atmosphere… passage#4 It has been renovated, but the glass roof is not taken care of, so can see the shadows of leaves through it. passage#2 passage#5
T-shirt: H&M (I love the blue), skirt: thrifted in Zagreb for 1,30€, leather bag: thrifted in Vienna, shoes and tights: H&M

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